Diffuse facial redness appears for several reasons: sun damage, rosacea, acne scarring, other types of scars, keratosis pilaris, sensitive skin, and genetics. The redness can be present all the time, or become more noticeable with certain trigger factors such as heat, wind, exercise, or wine consumption. An increased number of very superficial blood vessels, combined with sensitive skin or skin that flushes easily, leads to the increased red appearance of the skin. Chronic active or low grade inflammation in the skin also makes the skin more red and sensitive.

A series of four to six IPL treatments can significantly reduce facial redness. The device is scanned over the entire area. The skin is mildly more red for only a few hours. There is no break in the skin, no wound care required, and no need to change your regular daily schedule or activities. Regular treatments at varying intervals help maintain your results. The IPL treatments may remove some of the brown sun damage spots as well as the redness


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