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Maintain. Strengthen. Glow.


A daily beauty powder for radiant skin and gut health. With 18 Certified Organic wholefoods including bio-fermented maqui berries, queen garnet plum and pomegranate fruit peel extract, vitamin C to help boost collagen production and zinc to support healthy hair and nails. Plus provitamin A, broad-spectrum B vitamins and probiotics and postbiotics thanks to our potent fermentation process, this berry-flavoured blend promotes luminous skin—from the inside out.


Vegan, Certified Organic, microbiologist-approved, cruelty free, non GMO, no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours, no added gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or nuts.

GLOW Inner Beauty Essential 150gm

    • Rich in vitamins and minerals
    • Supports healthy skin
    • Assists collagen production
    • Drinkable tonic to improve gut health and skin
    • Contains 18 Certified Organic wholefoods
    • Nourish skin from the inside, out
    • Berry flavoured
    • Can be mixed with water, juice or a smoothie
    • Suitable for everyone, including vegans and lactose and glucose intolerants
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